Video Tutorials
Video tutorials are now available for a variety of UTS Software topics. Each video will be about five minutes in length. In some cases there will be a series of several videos to cover a topic more completely. These will be based on text from existing documentation and case studies written over the years, but itís often much more efficient to have a video to see it in action. The sessions will not necessarily go into every bit of detail, but should be useful for people who want to follow along; pausing to try the same things on their own computer if necessary.

We are interested in getting suggestions for other video topics. If you have any suggestions for new video topics or tutorials, please send an e-mail to Todd Piefer.

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TK Solver
Differential Equations #1  
Differential Equations #2  
Differential Equations #3  
Iterative Solutions #1  
Iterative Solutions #2  
Iterative Solutions #3  
Iterative Solutions #4  
Iterative Solutions #5  
Report Writing #1  
Unit Conversions  
List Solving or Procedure Functions  
Adding a Powerful Equation Solver to Excel Applications  
Thermodynamic Functions #1  
Thermodynamic Functions #2