TK Model Share Guidelines

When submitting a file for TK Model Share, please include the phrase "Model Share" in the email subject line.

Models should be properly documented, including a summary comment on the Comment Sheet. All variables on the variable sheet should include a description in the comment field. Additionally, you might consider including a separate DOC, PDF, XLS or other file to help document your model and zip them together into a compressed file.

If a model includes content in the MathLook Sheet, this information is stored in a separate file and its existence should be noted in the summary comment in case the files get separated. The path to the MathLook content file can be found at the bottom of the TK model file when viewed in a text editor. The path must be updated by each user who downloads the model. It might be best to avoid the use of MathLook content and simply zip a DOC or PDF with your model to display any diagrams or other associated graphics.

The TK model should not contain any "Included" files. Please merge any included files before submitting models.

You may also submit linked or packaged files produced using the TK-Excel Toolkit. If you submit a linked spreadsheet file that has not been packaged, be sure to submit the associated TK model(s) as well so that the link can be updated on each user's PC.

Submit your model for sharing to our TK Expert.

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