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Universal Technical Systems, developers of TK Solver, has a simple and economical way to get the power of TK and it's applications into the hands of all the engineers at your site. Imagine creating an engineering application and being able to share that work with your whole engineering staff. Take engineering standards for design and create TK models for solving them backwards and forwards. Use UTS applications such as Interactive Roark's Formulas, Heat Transfer, and Dynamics and Vibrations across your whole network. The possibilities are endless and the first step is a site license!

Note: The process for obtaining and using a TK site license is described below, and applies to other UTS applications where a site license has been purchased.

What is a TK Site License?

A TK Site License allows unlimited use of TK Solver either network or stand-alone at your site. That means you can put TK on multiple servers and multiple machines and not have to worry about who is using it.

What else is included?

Customer Service
Call all year long for help with TK. UTS technical support staff are waiting to assist you whether your problem is with install, printing, configuration or just how to set up a problem in TK. You will receive personal prompt assistance.

You will receive all upgrades and fixes as they are released keeping your site using the latest and best software. No more worries about who has which version of TK.

TK Solver Documentation
You will receive one full set of documentation. This comprehensive book will walk you through TK from install to building the most complex models. TK also has full online help and Web connect to the UTS Website where you will find online tutorials and the latest information on TK.

What's the Cost?

This is the best news of all. For less than the cost of a 4 user license you can have TK on all your computers at your site.

Am I locked in to paying the full yearly fee even if my usage drops?

After the first year, or on any renewal date, you can choose to reduce your license to a 3-user license and pay no more money. You will receive the most recent TK at the time of the site license termination. Future upgrades and support will be available at a per-user cost.

As you can see there is no risk in purchasing a site license if you have more than 3 users of TK!

What About UTS Applications?

Applications can be added in single seats, multiple seats or an Application Site License. The Application Site License is available on a yearly basis

So What's Stopping You?

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