eLearning and eTraining
UTS has developed easy-to-use eLearning programs that allow training material to be disseminated as useful UTS has easy-to-use eLearning programs that allow training material to be shared with a wide audience. Our experience developing applications for a wide range of industries is what gives us a strong foundation in creating innovative eLearning programs. Take a look at Gear University — the online training course developed for our own products — and you’ll see what we mean.


eLearning is training personnel, customers, vendors, manufacturing representatives, resellers, and even the general public via an interactive browser-based software program. eLearning combines educational knowledge with engaging and interactive learning and can contain benchmark testing, animations, calculators, audio, video, and even moderators.


Does your company offer product training seminars?
Does your sales and marketing department do seminar selling?
Do your personnel go through standard training that you provide?
Do you train dealers, resellers and manufacturers' representatives?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, your company will benefit from eLearning.


Eliminate travel: Whether training customers or employees, the time and cost savings are immediate
Train at home: Customers and employees can learn at their own pace and convenience
Knowledge capture: With eLearning you can capture processes and procedures that in the past may have existed only in personal knowledge.
Reduce training staff, facilities and equipment: With eLearning the computer is your classroom.
Eliminate training pressures: Work at your own pace, reviewing information as needed. Receive immediate feedback on quizzes and tests.

Animations, calculators, and 3D models add to the visual interactive learning experience.

The Process

The key to a good eLearning project is capturing the knowledge to be taught. UTS starts with a complete storyboard of your class seminar or process. We will work with your trainers to ensure that all the topics are covered. Details we will cover include:

Where is multi-media - audio, video, animations - needed?
Will interactive calculators add to the training?
How much testing is needed?
Do you want to add password protection and tracking?
You can think of a storyboard as the complete script - not just with text but with animations, graphics, calculators, and navigation outlined and detailed.

UTS will help your staff in this process, and implement the script once it is approved.