Product Sizing and Configurators
UTS offers comprehensive solutions when engineering and/or financial calculations need to be integrated with product selections or custom designs. You get quick results at an affordable price.


Online catalogs, Flash websites, eCommerce, and text websites might look good but none of these features makes your website truly interactive. Interactive websites enhance the customer experience, enable you to easily capture visitor information, and project the image of your company as a leader in technology.

Web-enabled Sizing and Sales Configuration software gives your customers and prospects the ability to:

Do unit conversions
Calculate payments
Estimate the cost of a job
Take a survey
Design a product to their exact specifications
An interactive website is more useful to your customers and that translates into real orders and revenue for you!


All these possibilities sound great,but will sizing or selection software benefit your company?

Does your product require the customer to go through a selection process?
Do you have an application engineering staff that provides quotes to reps or salesmen?
Would you like to provide customers with product quotes faster?
Do you worry that only one or two people know the product selection process?
Is your product selection inconsistent?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, UTS can help.


You will realize the following benefits with web-enabled sizing and selection:

Automate part or all of the application engineering process
Immediate quotes on the web
Capture and define the selection knowledge base
Consistent solutions to customer applications
Customer controls the selection process
Reduce time required for application engineering
Speed the sales cycle
Track customer information for both first-time and repeat customers
Better qualified leads: if they are sizing a product, they have a need
Give customers and prospects a reason to come to your website

The Process

The key to sizing and selection software is defining the process.

How do you do it now?

UTS can:

Create desktop selection program
Create a selection CD
Provide printed design guide
Define the manual process
Web-enable it
Make it interactive on the web
Automate it and/or deploy it on the web
Work with engineers to define the process

To help define the selection process UTS will build either a math model or database model with the selection process defined.

Working with your engineers and customer service personnel, we will test the model with multiple data sets ensuring that the answers are correct every time.

Once the model has been checked we will build the interface and deliver the product to your website. Send us your catalog, sizing software or design guide to help get you started. We will build a prototype of what can be done with your product.


Sizing and sales configuration software can be distributed by different methods:

Downloading Files or Executables
Advantages: The most up-to-date files are available for download, and easy to update.

Disadvantages: Some firewalls prevent files or executables from downloading, and a slow connection may affect download times.

Advantages: CDs can be distributed at trade shows, mailed or given to sales reps. In addition, the end user does not require a web connection.

Disadvantages: A new CD must be distributed when updated information is available; customers could be using outdated information, and there is a cost of $1-$5 per CD.