Gear Consulting
UTS offers extensive consulting services in gear design and manufacturing and the development of TK Solver mathematical models. A number of UTS customers also offer consulting in areas such as efficient combustion, wastewater treatment, automobile stability, and more. Contact us today to discuss your consulting needs.

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Gear Software Analysis Worksheet

Total Solution

UTS is the only gear software developer that offers a total solution to questions and issues of gear design and manufacturing—from an initial consultation to determine the scope of the problem, all the way to complete implementation, training and customer support.

UTS is not just here to sell you software; UTS will also be there to help with every aspect of the design and implementation. For example, UTS can assist you with the tweaking of center distance, tip relief, addendum/dedendum, and cutting tool geometry.

The Legacy of Ken Gitchel

UTS carries on the tradition established by Ken Gitchel, who created the entire line of UTS gear software models and who became a world authority in gear design before his death in 1997. With its gear knowledge and its line of gear software, UTS is a world-class presence in the gear industry.