Web Applications
UTS has developed sophisticated web applications, including interactive engineering design manuals and a fully integrated ERP system for a major consumer buying club.


We specialize in turning traditional desktop applications into fully interactive web applications that can be accessed via the Internet or company Intranet, increasing the application's overall functionality while making it easier to access and use.


Web enabling is worth considering if you:

Have an application that is being distributed to customers by CD
Have an application that is used by multiple divisions in the US or even around the world
Are tired of sending out CDs every time a small change is made in a program
Have a program to distribute but your end users are using multiple platforms
Have a program that would be useful to others but no easy way to distribute it


Wider distribution to multiple platforms and locations
Easier maintenance: you only have to make the change on the server
Changes are instantaneous
No need for run times, downloads or special add-ins

The Process

The key to sizing and selection software is defining the process.
How do you do it now?

UTS can provide:

Desktop selection program
Selection CD
Printed design guide
Manual process
Web-enable it
Make it interactive on the Web
Automate it and/or deploy it on the Web
Work with engineers to define the process

To help define the selection process UTS will build either a math model or database model with the selection process defined.

Working with your engineers and customer service personnel, we will test the model with multiple data sets ensuring that the answers are correct every time. Once the model has been checked we will build the interface and deliver the product to your Web site.

Send us your catalog, sizing software or design guide to help you get started. We will build a prototype of what can be done with your product.