Related Books
A number of books have been published that pertain to UTS products. A partial list is included here.

Computer Applications for Engineers
Thomas Jewell (Wiley)

Focuses on programming techniques using both FORTRAN and TK Solver.
Computer Aided Problem Solving for Scientists and Engineers
Sundaresan Jayaraman (McGraw-Hill)

A comprehensive book introducing programming techniques, spreadsheets, database programs, and culminating in over 100 pages on TK Solver.
TK Solver: A Tutorial
Johannes Gessler (McGraw-Hill)

Features over 125 pages of unique and enlightening case studies. The topics range from simple equation solving strategies to list solving with guess extrapolation, and even a chapter called "How to Build a Big Model".
Engineering Thermodynamics
Burghardt and Harbach (Cornell Maritime Press)

Includes a disk of TK models covering a variety of topics from steam tables to psychrometric charts to diesel cycles.
TK Solver for Engineers
R. J. Ferguson (Addison-Wesley)

Five major case studies, dozens of examples and about 80 exercises from mathematics, chemistry, physics and other engineering subjects. Aimed at freshman-level engineering students and written for Release 1.1, the bo
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