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Heat Transfer powered by TK Solver provides a collection of math models to solve problems based on the methods described in the 6th edition of the popular reference Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by Frank P. Incropera and David D. DeWitt.

Simple and Fast

The new Heat Transfer fully implements the features of TK Solver 5.0, including the NIST database of thermodynamic and transport properties, the units and list-solving wizards, the report writer, and the Solution Optimizer (available in the Premium version of TK Solver).

Heat Transfer is an expert engineering software system that will help you solve problems in:

  • Conduction—one-dimensional, steady-state; two-dimensional, steady-state; and transient
  • Convection, including free convection
  • External and internal flow
  • Boiling and condensation
  • Heat exchangers
  • Radiation processes and properties, including blackbody and surface; Kirchhoff’s Law; and the Gray Surface
  • Radiation exchanges between surfaces