UTS Learning Center
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UTS Learning Center

UTS Learning Center is a platform for developing and deploying e-Learning courses or e-Books. You can author multimedia content that consists of text, graphics, animations, audio, video, live calculations using related mathematical models as well as periodic examinations. The content can be used within the network of an educational institution or a professional organization or can be deployed over the cloud. Two examples summarized below illustrate the use of this platform:

  1. RCC – Reinforced Concrete design and Construction is a course that is typically taught in third year civil engineering program. Calculations used in the course

  2. Waste water operator training regarding the operations of various systems used in a sewage treatment plant

UTS Learning Center can be used by subject matter experts as well as text book authors to develop courses and eBooks. The content can be licensed on the basis of pay for use. UTS provides all the required technology as well as cloud based hosting and does revenue sharing with the authors.