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Integrated Gear Software: Setting the Standard in Gear Design Technology

Whether you’re designing metal, plastic, or powdered metal gears, Integrated Gear Software (IGS) is the most comprehensive gear knowledge system for eliminating noise and premature failure, reducing trial and error, lowering design and production costs, and speeding time to market.

With over 75 programs and a broad range of expert consulting services, Universal Technical Systems, Inc. has over 60 years of combined design experience representing a multi–million-dollar commitment to developing industry–standard technology that empowers engineers to design with confidence.

Think of what that means for designing springs and gears or for studying how variables such as loads, pressure, heat, or even loan calculations behave as other inputs change. Setting up problems is fast and easy with TK Solver.

From A to Z

From initial sizing, gear design and analysis, and modeling of environmental extremes, to full optimization with tolerance analysis and manufacturing specs — Integrated Gear Software does it all!

What’s more, a powerful math engine with the unique ability to solve for a variety of combinations of input and output variables — known as backsolving — allows you to easily test what-if scenarios, develop accurate specifications for manufacturing replacement gears, and optimize designs without hours of tedious calculations or programming. Just point, click, and solve.

Managing Expert Knowledge

One of the biggest challenges for many companies in an era of greater employee mobility becomes managing expert knowledge, a valuable resource. Most companies have a core group of long-standing employees that represent the collective repository of gear knowledge. But what happens when that “expert” knowledge walks out the door? With IGS you can capture and share design data, and even reverse-engineer designs, effectively leveraging expert knowledge throughout your organization.

IGS can help you solve manufacturing problems like designing cutting tools, calculating measurement over pins, analyzing batch variations, or locating the appropriate cutting tools from your inventory. You’ll also be able to reuse tools such as hobs, shaper cutters, shaving cutters, and grinding wheels — for big cost savings!

Bottom Line: IGS provides you with everything you need to help you maintain your competitive edge.

Powerful Technology

IGS was developed by gear people, for gear people and combines more than 75 individual programs—each representing a particular stage in the gear design and manufacturing process—into one, interoperable, user-friendly knowledge environment that calculates, shares data, archives designs, performs tolerance analyses, and provides users with virtually unlimited design flexibility.

Integrated Gear Software at a Glance
Project Manager — for tracking and documenting design projects.
Power User Form — for custom data entry.
Data Entry Wizard — for guided data entry.
Plotting — for data analysis and visualization.
Automatic Unit Conversion — for model sharing flexibility.
Report Wizard — for on-demand custom reporting.

Other key components of IGS include a relational database that stores all programs and design data and a powerful, comprehensive reporting engine for producing detailed and insightful reports. Data can be connected horizontally—one program to another—and vertically, by project and program.

IGS Packages

  • Advanced Gear Design and Manufacturing
  • Basic Gear Design and Manufacturing for Metal Gears
  • Basic Gear Design and Manufacturing for Plastic Gears
  • Crossed Axis Gear Design
  • Epicyclic Gear Design
  • Spline Design and Manufacturing

UTS offers classroom training in beginning and advanced plastic and metal gear design at its corporate headquarters and an interactive fundamentals training course via the web. In addition, we offer extensive consulting services in gear design and manufacturing as well as customer site training.

Integrated Gear Software is a powerful solution at an affordable price and is available in both Standard and Premium (includes the TK Solver Solution Optimizer) editions. IGS supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 platforms.

Bottom line: TK Solver focuses on the math, so you can focus on your business. Imagine that!