Product Literature

TK Solver 5.0 Brochure
TK Solver™ 5.0 from Universal Technical Systems, Inc.(UTS) is one of the longest–standing mathematical equation solvers on the market today. Built on proven technology, TK Solver readily solves simultaneous equations using iteration to significantly reduce design hours, production costs, and speed time to market.
TK Solver 5.0 Solution Optimizer
The purpose of the Optimizer is to find the set of input values that would provide the preferred solution to the current model. The user can set preference criteria and limitations to be imposed in the search. The Optimizer can help solve linear, nonlinear, and integer programming problems. It can also be used as an alternative to TK Solver’s built-in Iterative Solver for solving systems of equations. In this use the Optimizer offers more control over constraints and bounds on variables.
TK Solver Player Brochure