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TK Solver 5.0 Academic - Student (Standalone) $ 49.00
TK Solver 5.0 Premium Academic - Faculty (Standalone) $ 199.00
TK Solver 5.0 Standard Academic - Faculty (Standalone) $ 99.00
TK Solver 5.0 Premium Academic - Annual Site License $ 1,950.00
TK Solver 5.0 Standard Academic - Annual Site License $ 950.00
Roark's Formulas for Excel (Academic)CALL UTS
Engineering Calculations SolverPack (Standalone) Academic $ 49.00
Mechanical Engineering SolverPack (Standalone) Academic $ 49.00
Financial Management SolverPack (Standalone) Academic $ 49.00
Electrical Engineering SolverPack (Standalone) Academic $ 49.00
Building Design & Construction SolverPack (Standalone) Academic $ 49.00
Introduction to Science SolverPack (Standalone) Academic $ 49.00
Queuing Theory (Standalone) Academic $ 69.00
Units Conversion SolverPack (Standalone) Academic $ 49.00
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