Project Tracking System (PTS)

PTS is web-based software designed to help organizations deal with the scale and complexity of medium to large projects from conception to implementation. It is a cost-effective way to thread together best-in-class technologies to create a consolidated system that provides a macro-view of a project. Comprised of different modules to manage a project’s various aspects, including time, cost, meetings, documents, vendors, PTS is designed to harness and utilize expert knowledge. New modules can be added, and existing modules customized to meet an organization’s needs, via web-based and client-server interfaces. PTS derives its strength and simplicity from its core design, which gives any organization the flexibility it needs to select specific systems and tools, including:
Design Tools
Project Schedulers
Inventory Management
ERP Systems

Because it’s web-based, PTS can be accessed from anywhere, by anyone (including people outside the organization, i.e. consultants or suppliers) who has been granted access. In addition, PTS creates an audit trail for each project, tracking who has done what, and when, to facilitate accountability.

Overview of PTS Features
Modular, scalable and extendable
Collaborative design ensures convenient linkage to diverse data formats and existing project schedulers and servers
Online access
Comprehensive Middle Tier seamlessly brings vendor/consultant, etc. and project information together for richer reports and interfaces
No cost to vendors/consultants, etc. to adhere to the system
        Combines the power of web-based and client-server technologies
        Requires minimum installation support Parts of the interface can be customized when necessary
Information flows freely into a centralized database
Data is analyzed and compared with individual activities in an overall Project Plan to help track progress
Activities that are running behind are flagged and reported for management review
Suppliers, Manufacturers, Inspectors/Auditors and Site Managers, etc. form an integral part of the system and can communicate directly with the system via web-based interfaces

PTS Customization

Unique, customizable interfaces and reports can be created based on an organization’s needs. The following images are examples of custom interfaces created for a thermal power plant design and operating company.

PTS Dashboard

Progress Status

Input GUI and Report

Civil construction of chimney foundation piling holes showing progress since last report and what was achieved in the latest reporting period.

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