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Welcome to Gear University—your home for online gear training.

The first of the Gear University courses, Fundamentals of Gearing, is available now. It is a self-paced course you can take over the web. Its purpose is to teach basic gear design and manufacturing theory. Click here to preview a part of the course.

What's included?

Each online course from UTS consists of the following components:

Explanations, formulas and a detailed glossary are readily available so that you may quickly look up definitions for gearing terms. You can print screens and review formulas as often as you wish.

Gear geometry and fundamentals are made easier to understand through creative graphics and animations.

Online calculations. Most of the formulas are already pre-programmed for you using RuleMaster, the web version of TK Solver. You can easily experiment by entering different sets of data and viewing the results in order to get a feel for the formulas.

Audio instruction. Anything said in the audio instruction is also shown onscreen. You may choose to mute the audio.

Quizzes. You can take a quiz as frequently as you wish until you are satisfied with your understanding of the topic.

Printable, downloadable notes in a PDF format. A printed copy of the material can serve as a road map, useful for review and taking notes.

What's in it for you?

Taking a web course on your own is a great accomplishment. UTS awards a course completion certificate to any registered user upon his/her successful completion. You must score 100% on each of the unit quizzes within the allotted course time to earn an official course completion certificate. Quizzes are graded, but the answer keys are not made available; that way, you can review the material and retake a quiz as many times as necessary. You can view a progree report at any time during the course, reflecting your grades and where you stand.

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