Galaxy (Standalone)

Knowledge Management beyond documents and email

A cache of expertise, known collectively as “corporate knowledge” exists within every organization. Every day, engineers, analysts and developers use a wide variety of tools to create calculations, for a range of uses both in and outside the company. Previously, these calculations might have existed only in seclusion on the hard drives or in the illegible notes of a few company experts. The challenge of managing these calculations includes:

Quality Assurance
Security of Intellectual Property
Ease of Use

Galaxy resolves these challenges. UTS developed Galaxy as a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use solution for companies struggling to manage and capitalize on their calculation-based knowledge.

Enhance your Calculations for Deployment

Calculations come in a variety of proprietary formats. Galaxy transforms these calculations—including those created using tools like Excel, C++, TK Solver and others—for deployment to authorized users, with virtually no programming required.

Galaxy lets you further enhance your calculations by providing the tools to build a custom-designed Graphical User Interface (GUI), add relevant documents, manuals, CAD files, and salient website information, all without any programming.

Deploy Calculations to Authorized Users

Authorized internal users, suppliers, consultants, salespeople and customers access the calculations over the web, working within the GUI, while the original calculations remain hidden, protecting their integrity. All calculations undertaken via the GUI are saved to Galaxy’s central database.

Version control ensures that users access only the most up-to-date calculations, a nod to the importance of quality assurance in today’s competitive marketplace.

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System Requirements

Server side operating environment

Windows XP Professional server or Windows 2003 Server
SQL Server 2005
IIS Server

Client side operating environment

Windows 2000, XP, or Vista operating system
Dot Net 2.0 Framework (free from Microsoft)
Web browser

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