Advanced Spring Design (Standalone) [First Year]

ASD is sold on an annual subscription basis, $750 for the first year and $375 for each subsequent years.

Advanced Spring Design (ASD) software is a jointly developed product by Universal Technical Systems and the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) that combines engineering expertise with customized calculations to help you design quality springs.


Fast and Easy
Advanced Spring Design has been built in a completely graphical environment with convenient and automatic unit conversion as well as easy access to dynamic plots and reports. It also includes a materials database that can be added to by users, a profile system for saving and incorporating frequently used input data sets, exportable DXF drawings, and 3D viewing. ASD7 has everything you need to make the most productive use of your design time!


Versatile and User-friendly
Advanced Spring Design version 7 covers a total of 47 spring types or loading options and includes compression springs, extension springs, spiral forms, torsion springs, garter springs, snap rings, washers, beams, and torsion bars. New for ASD7 are variable pitch and rate compression springs as well as nested springs. There are a number of pre–formatted plots and reports available. The SMI Encyclopedia of Spring Design is now included as part of the context–sensitive help, providing diagrams, tables and background information on the many variables involved in spring designs.

Reliable Solutions to Complex Equations
Advanced Spring Design leverages the TK Solver collaborative math engine that has the unique ability to solve for a variety of combinations of input and output variables—known as backsolving. This makes it easy to test goal–seeking scenarios based on industry–specific parameters, to optimize your designs without hours of tedious calculations or programming. Just point, click, and solve! You’ll get reliable results and quality designs faster than ever before.

About The Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI)
Founded in 1933, SMI is an association of manufacturers of precision mechanical springs and their associate suppliers. The members of SMI work together to meet the key issues of the industry worldwide: quality, materials, technology, and government regulations.

SMI Members please click here.

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