Roark's Formulas for Excel (Standalone)

Notice: The book for the 7th Edition of Roark's Formulas has been discontinued and will not be provided with any version of the software.

NOTICE: A recent Microsoft update may have caused a file required by our software to fail. If you attempt to run any UTS created Excel add-in and it fails, try the following steps.
Close all excel running processes:
  • Close all excel running processes
  • Unregister mscomctl.ocx from your system: [regsvr32 /u mscomctl.ocx]
  • Then re-register it: [regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx]

Roark’s Formulas for Excel™: Control your stress.

This product requires Microsoft Excel 2000 / XP or higher.

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Long considered the leading authority on structural element design and analysis, Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain has been helping engineers solve design problems for more than 60 years.

Those familiar with the book will be thrilled to learn that it is available entirely in Excel, creating a dynamic, indispensable resource in the form of Universal Technical Systems’ Roark’s Formulas for Excel.

Proven and Powerful

Both Excel and Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain are long established, dependable resources.

The Excel based program follows the book’s organization of formulas by chapter, table and case. With the entire collection of formulas pre-programmed and ready to use at the click of a button, Roark’s Formulas for Excel makes applying multiple formulas fast and easy. Simply open the Roark’s Formulas application in Excel, and watch the formulas come alive in Excel actually allowing you to input values, solve and report on solutions. Roark’s well-organized format allows for easy access and rapid results.

What’s New

This new release contains:

Launch Roark's Formulas and other Excel applications from UTS with the new Application Dashboard.

Easy menu-driven access to every table and case.
Superpostion Wizard allows automated problem solving for multiple loads. Download Fact sheet.
Preformatted plots for deflection, stress, bending moments and more.
Customizable Materials Database.
Choose US/English or SI (metric) units.
Change or select units for any variable via pull down menu.
Instantly create PDF reports, complete with calculated plots. Download sample report.

A Designer’s Dream

Roark’s Formulas for Excel also includes Superposition Wizards: an automated menu driven feature that handles single and multiple load calculations on beams and plates. These potentially complex calculations are handled seamlessly and in just a fraction of the time. Also a convenient PDF output report is generated.

The first edition of Roark’s Formulas, designed for TK Solver, was released by UTS in 1989, and was quickly received by consumers as a “design engineer’s dream,” as described by Professor Warren Young, the co-author of Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain. Now, UTS has made it available to Excel users, providing an exceedingly efficient and accessible resource for the practical engineer.

Roark’s Formulas for Excel requires Windows 2000 or XP and MS Excel 2000 or later.

“UTS looks like they have another winner on their hands. First they merged one of the most popular engineering references with TKSolver's backsolving capability to create Interactive Roark's Formulas for TKSolver. It is an application that simplifies an engineer' s life immensely. I can't count the hours it has saved me from re-creating spreadsheets from a textbook. Now, UTS has done it again. They've taken the same powerful application and wrapped it in arguably the most widely used engineer's tool....amazing. UTS continues to be the best kept secret in the engineering software world."
Wayne Pilgrim - Weatherford Incorporated

"As a TK Solver / Roark user of nearly two decades, I am very impressed to see that Roark's formulas is now presented as a robust "plug and play" module within Excel.

Just select the model(s) you want, select the parameters of interest, solve and then click to produce a well presented report that clearly and accurately presents the data in a coherent and understandable form for your peers.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then Roark's Formulas for Excel solves a million Engineering problems.

I look forward to using it alongside my regular finite element stress analysis software and actual mechanical testing as a confidence booster to give accurate engineering judgement and results."
Mike Hagland, Senior Materials Analyst - Gyrus Medical Limited

"I have found ‘Roark’s Formulas for Excel’ to be a very useful tool. The ability to access Roark’s book in a familiar environment such as MS Excel is ideal for calculations and report writing. Furthermore, the learning curve is almost non-existent."
Oscar De Souza, Stress Team Leader - Goodrich Power Systems

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