Customer Success Stories
Customers across a wide scope of industries use UTS products to simplify and accelerate their development projects. The following customer success stories highlight just a few of the many customers who rely on UTS products for development success.

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Forensic Engineer Uses TK In His Work And Recommends It In His Books For Young Engineers - James A. Wingate
Forensic engineering consultant James A. Wingate won’t name the parties in one of his interesting recent uses of TK Solver—because it’s still being litigated. But the Taylors, South Carolina, retired engineer will sketch the broad outlines of the case.
"TK is Just a Comfortable Program For Me" says Maker of Exotic Engine Parts - Alan Krem
Who ya gonna call if you need an engine block for your 1937 DeLahaye 145 V-12 racecar? Alan Krem of Krem Engineering, Meadville, Pa., just made one—using TK Solver.
A Knowledgeable Friend Recommended TK Solver;
Veteran Engineer Has Used It Ever Since - Dennis Barabeau
Throughout his 45–year career, consulting engineer Dennis Barbeau has spent a great deal of time “thinking outside the box” and on the front lines of technology.
After Two Decades of Working With TK Solver
User Still Says, ‘It’s Such a Handy Tool’ - Jim Helmick
It was the early 1980’s, and Jim Helmick had just begun the second decade of his mechanical engineering career, working for a maker of earth station satellite antennas and radio telescopes. He saw an ad for TK Solver in a trade magazine.
Creating Engineering Software Applications On The Fly - Rick Lukanen
Rick Lukanen is a Senior Product Engineering Analyst at Douglas Machine, Inc., Alexandria, MN, USA. Rick has 18 years of experience in software development and numerical analysis used in engineering.
TK Solver: Programming Power Takes On Differential Equations - Kurt Lund Ph. D.
Lots of TK Solver users will tell you about its ease of use. If you want to hear about TK’s power as a programming environment, ask Dr. Kurt Lund.
TK Solver Keeps On Working, In Calculation, Programming, Knowledge Management - David Clay
Talk to David Clay about TK Solver and he’ll probably begin by telling you about his most recent project: a model to calculate conversion of VHS video tapes to digital format.
First in Engineering, then in Stock Trading, TK Solver is ‘a Big Deal for Me’ - Ron Isaacson
Ron Isaacson has used TK Solver through most of a 30-year corporate and consultant engineering career, in projects ranging from perimeter security to automobile cruise controls to missile tracking.
TK Solver: The Tool of Choice For Award-Winning Petroleum Engineer - Najam Beg Ph. D.
Dr. Najam Beg’s work on jet pump and compact separation technology for the oil and gas industry has won him prestigious awards.
Calculational Prowess of TK Solver™: A Perfect Fit for Chemical Process Engineering - Brian Hanley
DuPont uses TK Solver to design entire chemical process plants. Brian Hanley finds TK Solver eminently suitable for a particular but massively important part of the chemical process industry: sizing distillation towers.
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