Case Studies
See how our high-productivity software products and custom developed solutions are used to simplify complex calculations and streamline the processes that drive their businesses.

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Case Study: Families of Charts
This paper summarizes the required calculations and how they are incorporated into a dynamic mathematical model. Issues such as interpolation within and between charts, solution of simultaneous equations, and unit conversions are stressed.
Case Study: Fitting a Normal
The TK Library includes a family of routines for fitting data to probability distributions. This example shows a normal (Gaussian) distribution.
Case Study: Gas Blending
The following problem is taken from Basic Programs for Production and Operation Management by Pantumsinchai, Hassan, and Gupta (Prentice-Hall, 1983).
Case Study: Heat Transfer on TK Topics
Case Study: Himmelblau Equations
We will investigate an equation known as Himmelblau’s function.

This equation is used in the Graphics Utilities section TK Library as an example for creating contour plots. Here is the plot of the function.
Case Study: Items of Interest for OR
Case Study: Knowledge Management
Douglas Knowledge Management System
Case Study: TK-LAWS: Frustum of a Cone
The popular cone model is too simple to illustrate the “laws of TK.” The model of a frustum of a cone may do a better job.
Case Study: TK-LAWS
The purpose of the following material is to contribute to the collective understanding of the essence of TK Solver. It does not answer the question, “What is TK?” and it does not attempt to catalog or explain TK techniques and tricks to any extent.
Case Study: Linkages
This paper describes the process in building a TK Solver model to solve linkage equations for both a single position and repeatedly through a range of motion.
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