Case Studies
See how our high-productivity software products and custom developed solutions are used to simplify complex calculations and streamline the processes that drive their businesses.

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Case Study: Adding Calculus Functions to Excel
Excel is a good tool for organizing and summarizing data. Programs such as TK Solver are better suited for solving more sophisticated problems. Fortunately, it is easy to use these two programs together.
Case Study: Adding Constraints to Equation Solving
TK’s iterative solver does not allow users to constrain the solution to be within a certain range. However the new optimizer in TK5 solves that problem.
Case Study: Finding the Best-Fitting Circle
Given a set of coordinates, determine the center and radius of the circle that fits the points most closely.
Case Study: Bivariate Normal Probabilities in Engineering
An extensive study was made of shear strength (x2) and weld diameter (x1) in an attempt to substitute a less expensive, nondestructive testing procedure for a destructive test.
Case Study: LRC Circuits and Differential Equations
The theory of electric circuits consisting of inductances, resistors, and capacitors, is based on Kirchoff’s laws: (1) The net flow of current through each node or junction is zero, (2) the net voltage drop around each loop is zero.
Case Study: Rapid Conversion of a Technical Paper to a Mathematical Model
A technical paper, in PDF form, containing an algorithm with over sixty linear, nonlinear and integral equations is converted to a mathematical model in TK Solver and subsequently linked to Excel and a web application.
Case Study: Converting Excel Formulas
Many customers are interested in converting their existing spreadsheet files to TK Solver files. One reason is that TK files can be run with RuleMaster, effectively distributing those models worldwide from a single server.
Case Study: Curve Fitting
Excel is loaded with statistical tools but TK Solver provides a handy collection of its own and can be used as a supplement in several areas. Data can be copied from Excel into TK lists or tables.
Case Study: Division By Zero
A customer sent in the following problem involving a five-member truss and reported that he was getting an unexpected error message - “Division by zero” - during iterative solution.
Case Study: Equation Solving
A customer presented us with the following problem, along with a note suggesting that they were having difficulty solving the equations. The problem involved some geometry calculations.
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