Universal Technical Systems is a software products company
Universal Technical Systems, Inc. (UTS) is a software products and custom software development company. It is a privately held Illinois Corporation, established in 1984 and headquartered in Loves Park, Illinois. UTS is part of a family of companies, including Universal Technical Systems (Europe) Ltd, and Universal Technical Systems (India) Private Limited. UTS Europe, which is based in the UK, was established in 1996 to offer UTS software products, services and technical support to customers within the European community. UTS Europe quickly established itself to aid and assist its large and constantly expanding customer base. UTS India markets to customers within India and provides services such as software development and custom graphics to UTS.
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Major Industry Solutions

Galaxy Knowledge Management System for managing design calculations. Using your calculations set up in TK Solver and elsewhere in other applications.
Advanced Spring Design
Advancing spring design to the next level, saving spring designers time and reducing the margin for human error.
Solutions created using TK Solver 6.0 are posted to the CalcEdge™ cloud server using the CalcEdge™ wizard provided with TK Solver 6.0.
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Popular Applications

Roark's Formulas
Gear Design
Vehicle Dynamics
Heat and Mass transfer
Machine Design
TK Solver 6.0
Powerful Mathematical Modeling Engine
Engineers, scientists, and financial analysts need to approach problems from many different angles.
TK Solver lets them do this up to 90% faster than traditional methods.

Customer Satisfaction

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